“Delmon” Celebrates Distinct Rating in Reviews “Quality”

Delmon University of Science and Technology

Delmon University of Science and Technology celebrated by obtaining a distinguished estimate in the institutional evaluation of the Education and Training Quality Assurance Authority, where the university received an “adequate progress” rating in the recent review of the authority’s delegation, which plays an important role to enable government and private education and training institutions of quality principles and requirements.

The university presidency, during the ceremony held in the university lobby in its headquarters in the Manama region on February 18, 2012, affirmed its pride in the results achieved by the university, which would not have been achieved without the efforts made by university professors and students, and praised at the same time what was achieved by a group of university professors and affiliates from scientific prizes Academy in several international conferences and magazines.

The university administration received a flood of congratulations and blessings from a wide segment of officials, academics, elites, specialists and a large number of university professors and requested them with this achievement, who emphasized the importance of the role played by Delmon University of Science and Technology, as it represents a beacon of science and radiation of civilization in the Kingdom of Bahrain. That this result was expected through what they touched on by the great excellence in the performance and progress of the university, and the high level that is distinguished by the university administrators, professors and administrators, and also through the excellence and great appreciation that male and female university graduates enjoy in various settings. Government and private work occurred.

Delmon University for Science and Technology was able to make significant progress in the field of evaluation of the levels of Bahraini universities, after it received an estimate (sufficient progress), as stated in the reports issued by the Quality Assurance Authority after being approved by the Council of Ministers on February 12 The past, for Delmon University to do so in the ranks of discreet universities in Bahrain and the region, which is a natural result of the university’s distinguished educational and research reality not only at the level of the Kingdom of Bahrain, but also at the regional and international level in general.

Delmon University