Book the Most Amazing Vacation Of Your Lifetime!

Book the Most Amazing Vacation Of Your Lifetime!

Greece has been holding the position of the top traveling destination for many years now, and there is nothing to wonder about. Beautiful nature, fresh air, delicious cuisine, and multiple attractions allow anyone to find that special spot in this country where your body and soul will sing with delight!

This is why finding suitable and comfortable accommodation in Greece to spend your vacation is so important for all the travelers who come to visit this land of gods. Fortunately, Greece has plenty of options to offer to suit any taste and demand.

Spend Your Vacation In Luxury Villas In Greece

If you want to feel what it is to live in Greece, we would recommend you booking a villa instead of staying in a hotel, even the most comfortable one. You see, noisy hotels packed with hundreds of lodgers will never give you that experience of immersing into the unique Greek atmosphere and routine as a cozy and quiet villa will. 

Besides, when ordering a villa in Greece, you can choose from many different options located all over the country that offer accommodation for different numbers of persons and provide different levels of comfort. It allows you to pick up the variant that will perfectly suit your needs.

But if you are looking for something very special for yourself to make your vacation unforgettable, try out luxury villas in Greece that will help you to immerse into this country’s world and enjoy Greece to its most! Living in a private luxury villa will not only make you feel like you are at home, but it will also give you that feeling of a peaceful private sanctuary where you can fully enjoy your stay!

Besides, ordering a luxury vacation home in Greece from a trustworthy booking agency has multiple additional benefits:

  • You get your support 24/7 on-site so any issue or question will be solved and answered immediately.
  • You can be sure that you will get the very best and right villa for you that will match all your desires.
  • One can choose a villa anywhere in Greece, from Crete to Santorini which does not tie you up to a certain region or location.
  • The number of villas offered is huge! You can find houses for two persons and up to ten guests. It means that, even if you are traveling with your family or a company of friends, finding a suitable villa will not be a problem.
  • All luxury villas in Greece have swimming pools and a terrace, they are equipped with a private kitchen and have a garden. All the needments are also there already including the furniture, tableware, and dishes, towels, bath accessories, etc.
  • Finally, the prices for such a service are very reasonable!

So if Greece is your next traveling destination, and you plan to spend your vacation in comfort and relax, consider ordering a private villa with a terrace and a swimming pool to enjoy this sunny land and feel like a true god!

Outperforming Hussein al-Jasmi and Muhammad Munir

Egyptian singer Amr Diab received the “World Music Awards” award for the Middle East and Africa, in a special ceremony hosted by the Principality of Monaco last Sunday, according to the Lebanese newspaper “As-Safir” reported on Tuesday 6-11-2007.

This is the third time that Diab has won the award, since the competition was launched in 1989. Note that the Lebanese singer Elissa has previously won it twice, and Samira Said, Latifa and Ragheb Alama once for each of them.

Diab won the award this year for his latest album, “Tonight de”, which achieved the highest sales in the Middle East this year. And he won his first prize in 1998, for his album “Nour Al Ain”, which sold more than 3 million copies. While he won the 2002 award for his album “More One Loves You”.

And press reports talked about the nomination of other singers, including the Emirati Hussein Al Jasmi and the Egyptian Mohamed Mounir, to win the award, which is often accompanied by rumors about “buying” it by production companies, and presenting it to one of its stars.

Al-Jasmi did not comment on Diab’s victory, especially after it was rumored that he had received a promise from the company “Rotana” last year to be a prize this year to him, after she awarded her last year to Elisa, who caused angry reactions at the time. Until the Lebanese singer entered into a conflict with Hussein Al Jasmi, who accused the company of not being neutral in showing the real numbers of sales.